My day was little fulfuilling. quite boring, and in fact downright strange. Wes is borrowing my charger, i still haven't finished my english essay >_> i need a shower o__o not that i smell bad or anything, although it seems to be what i am implying.

I got to play soccer for the first time in 10 years today!! that was exhilerating for me. i was so excited. i didn't play for very long though, i was chasing my friends around school for awhile (a.k.a. wes and keg) oh i had a spanish quiz today too, i got all of the answers written this time too, better than some of the times i hadn't written anything at all. but i'm totally failing American history, i need to get a tutor, but i don't know who to ask @_@;;

uhm, uhm, uhmitty, uhm. lets see...i have a xanga too? it's boring as heck. but cool anyway.

i'll write more later.
Keitorin- ja ne
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Gomeasai! >.> daishoubu...

Daishoubu, i'm trying to update more often but i've been so busy with my school work, i've not the time ^^;
but of course it probably hasn't stopped my brother from updating...oh well.

In other news, i like someone :D lol.

In some more news, my school loves my art work, yay, the entire school mind you. they even put it up on the main board when you first come in! fun ne? yes indeed.
i really should update on here more, it's healthyer for me D:

...oh crap a typo..oh well.

crap! class is ending i need to get out of the room, i'll update later if i can, and i'll put up some pics too :D

Ja ne
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ow...ow..OW!.. ow...



i'm EXTREMELY sad....i want an art claaass T_T there isn't one at school...
i'm gonna draw everyone in the school as a school art project....ow!...and then give it to my english teacher and she'll count it. i'm trying to do it before christmas....i'm 4/47 done...i'm drawing teachers too....oh well, i want to post the ones i've already done so you guys can see them...but...thee kids i drew, i gave them the drawing. AND THEY WONT GIVE THEM BACK! TT_TT they like it too much they

On friday my school's having a lock-in, where we have to stay in the school all night..all the kids...but three of the most hyper kids..are....are...well they're bringing redbull again. =_= last time one of them had a party they brought redbull...everyone drank it cept me, my best friend...and my brother...we were made fun of as the result of the kids drinking it and not know what they said...n00bs.
but i'm gonna ask my mom if she'll run me over to my local anime store so i can buy lots of japanese soda, bottles, cans, jely packs, and maybe some candy tummy hurts T_T.

and we're out of tums! x_x

i should update my journal more often >.>



i'm lvl ow 16 on ragnarok, and i'm a mage...i wanna lvl up moooore T_T but i get all day to do stuff homework...and RO...and paint!! XD i can paint!!! YES.


i have 1,117 deviant arts to look at...the art. not the person...or the journal...or the comment..the art. o.o dang vacation, i never cleared them!! TT_TT now i'm scared too..and lindsay is just getting a kick at how many i have...>.>

thats all i can think of, so...yeah. i want naruto to update more T_T.

i didn't think this would need an lj cut since it's not THAT big...but maybe i'm wrong D:

Keitorin- ja ne!
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Vacation...and Neji in pants.

Ok ya I'm going on Vacation on tuesday so i'll give you all this parting gift to enjoy while i'm not here, i did it in open canvas, Enjoy~

i keep forgetting to update in my journal D: not good.
i was branded Tsunade in Ninjafy so YAY, good thing she's my idol....i think thats a good thing? o.O

i'm working on two, maybe three fanfics, of Naruto, most of which i'll be posting the neji+ten community, i'll add more things to this, and put up some art seeing how i can put it on here }:D
so untill then peoples!

Ja ne!

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Spoiler @w@ naruto ones tooCollapse )

has anyone else read a manga called 'Pastel'? i'm in somewhat of an love-hae relationship with it as of late, i love it because it's sooo goood *o*

but i hate it becasue it ENDED! AFTER ONLY 49 CHAPTERS!! \TT^TT/

eh, well anybody?

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blarg i need to figure out to work this site @w@;; just got my file and i'm already confused! oh well, i plan on putting up pics of naruto characters at somepoint, i don't think i can do it on this type of journal though, i think there's a picture post thingie somewhere ~.~
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